Waldringfield Primary Partnership

Working in Partnership since 2019, our schools share a range of expertise, re­sources and experiences, enhancing provision and opportunities for both staff and pupils. 

Welcome to the Hollesley and Waldringfield Primary Partnership.

We share the same values, face similar issues and we are committed to welcoming and celebrating individual children. We pride ourselves on being inclusive and ensure that every child is provided with the right environment to thrive.  However, we also recognise (and celebrate) that each school is individual and each setting has unique and distinctive characteristics. 

At Hollesley and Waldringfield Primary Partnership, we promote high aspirations for every child, cultivating a love of learning within friendly, supportive and challenging school environments. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to achieve their very best, making appropriate choices about how they learn through an exciting and carefully designed curriculum. This curriculum is shared across the two schools. As small schools we also have the privilege of getting to know each pupil as an individual, enabling us to guide and support them throughout their learning journey resulting in high levels of personal achievement. Nurturing and family values are at the heart of the way that this partnership works. Children and staff feel valued and respected. Our schools are set within spacious grounds, providing various outside learning and social opportunities. Both schools boast a skilful and dedicated team of teachers and learning support staff who work together to ensure every individual has the space to think, learn, interact with others and grow to become astute, articulate and confident learners.

We are proud of our schools and value the strong community links we have both locally and further afield. Regular visits to our local churches, and using resources and venues within our surrounding area enhances our curriculum experiences and celebrations throughout the year.  

We encourage all prospective parents to explore our school website for an insight into daily life at Hollesley and Waldringfield Primary Partnership.  Visits to see the schools in action are also welcomed. If you would like to make an appointment, please contact the school office at either school and make an appointment. I would be delighted to show you around and discuss, how either school would be the perfect learning environment for your child.

Our Shared Partnership Vision

Successful Pupils

  • Practical, Social and Emotional
  • Confidence, resilience and self-belief
  • Inquisitive, Independent with a love of learning

High Standards of education

  • Core Academic Knowledge and skills at a high standard
  • Learning through investigation, experiments and challenges
  • Delivered expertly, with enthusiasm

A Welcoming, Family Atmosphere

  • Respectful, Responsible, Resilient, Resourceful, Ready and Reflective
  • Friendship
  • Achievements celebrated
  • Care of property, resources and each other

“Pupils are very happy at Hollesley Primary School. Everybody really does know everybody here. Pupils play happily in mixed-age groups. They have access to a wide range of outdoor facilities….. Pupils are well behaved and work hard. They are motivated by the different awards for showing the ‘Six Rs’, such as resilience. Pupils learn to be collaborative and respectful. Leaders have ensured that resources used in learning and children’s play reflect a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Regular activities in house teams help pupils get to know others across the school.” Hollesley Ofsted October 2022

“[Waldringfield] provides pupils with a stimulating curriculum which responds to their needs and interests. Parents value the school highly and the majority of them would recommend the school to another parent. One parent commented, ‘The great sense of community running through the school, from both staff and pupils, makes Waldringfield very special.’  Pupils’ behaviour is exemplary. They are respectful to both adults and each other. Pupils have positive attitudes to learning, are self-motivated and work hard in lessons” Waldringfield Ofsted January 2018

Waldringfield Primary School

For more information about Waldringfield Primary School please visit their website at https://www.waldringfield.suffolk.sch.uk