The Year 5 and 6 Residential

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On the Monday 19th of November 2018 all of class 5/6 went on a residential to Norfolk Lakes.

We arrived at the site at around 2:00 pm, got all of our bags out of the bus and instantly got a short tour around the main building. After we settled into our dorm, and got ready for our first activity.

We were split into two groups of nine with a mixture of year 5’s and 6’s. Group 4 went caving (it was man-made) and group 5 went orienteering. It was so much fun.

In the evening of the first day group 4 went to do low ropes which is an obstacle course that you don’t need a harness for you just need a partner that you trust.

The next day, we went kayaking for the whole morning and we were FREEZING! But we managed to survive! It was fun though. We had to play lots of games and at the end we did a big half a circle around the lake. After that we split up again and group 4 did blind trial which is where we put blind folds on and held onto each other’s shoulders and follow each other around a course and group 5 did archery.

After that we came back together in our dorms and got ready for our next activity. In the evening we went into the dinner hall and split into four groups for a quiz.

The next day we woke up bright and early and group 4 got ready to do obstacle course and group 5 five got ready to do the blind trail. We then had a rest in our dorms as we were all very tired but then, of course, we had another activity so we all got ready and went to meet our instructor ready to go to our next activity.

On Wednesday afternoon we went to giant stand up paddle boarding and we all went on the paddle boards. Around 10 people fit on each board. We all got on the paddle boards and raced each other to the end of the lake. Lauren said, “It was so fun I really enjoyed it!” Sam said, “We were all a bit nervous from the kayaks since we got really cold but the paddle boarding wasn’t bad at all!”

After a fantastic giant paddle boarding experience we all went to dinner and then played team games – dodgeball, football and cricket.

The next day we went to meet our instructors for the next activity. One of the groups went on a lake walk and saw 4 herons and 3 swans. Our instructor said that it was amazing how many herons we saw because herons rarely get seen around Norfolk Lakes!

The other group went to camp crafts to learn how to build a tent and make hot chocolate out of a survival kit. Soon after camp craft and the lake walk the whole class met each other in the main hall. One group of people did climbing and the other did fencing. When we did climbing some people could climb all the way up the climbing wall. Naham said, “I climbed all the way to the top and it was really cool!” Fencing was really fun and we learnt how to fence properly. After that we were ready to sleep the whole night through and where excited to go home the next day! We had a great time.

By Ellie and Imogen


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