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Key Stage 2 children have started a Reading Challenge. Our target is to read a book a week in order to earn credits. The number of credits we earn is based on the category we choose the book from, from the list in the booklets we were given. Every time you read a book, you must fill in a book review and hand it in to your teacher. The aim is to read a variety of books and earn enough credits (700) to go on a special trip at the end of the year. The categories are things like: ‘Michael Morpurgo books’, ‘books about a new life’ and ‘a story with a journey’ etc. For most categories you win 25 credits, but some give you 50 – these are categories like ‘a book translated into English from another language’, ‘a book written over a hundred years ago’ and ‘a book from the Book Trust top 100 children’s book list’ (either aged 9-11 or 6-8). There is an opportunity to win an extra 10 credits every day when you read with your parents for at least 20 minutes, and you can sign in the spaces at the bottom of the page (in your booklets) to say that you have read. If you were wondering, some books from the Book Trust top 100 books are ‘Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson’ (9-11 category) and ‘The Sheep Pig’ by Dick-King Smith” (6-8 category). We are really enjoying our new challenge!

By Millie, Billy and Lauren

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