The Peninsula Poppy Project

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As a school, we are taking part, with some other local schools, in the 2018 Peninsula Poppy Project. This is a community project to commemorate one hundred years since the end of World War 1. Last school year in July, to launch the project, the whole of Hollesley, Bawdsey and Sandlings schools met on our school field to have a photo taken. We were all given sheets of coloured card to hold above our heads. Then, in groups, we were taken group by group to go and sit in certain places. At last, when we were all in our places, it was time for a drone to come and take the picture from above our heads! We were all told to stand up and put our piece of card above our heads in a certain way so that the picture looked right. We all had absolutely no idea what it was going to turn out as! After about one million (exaggerating) photos we had finally finished the photo taking. It turned out that by holding up our sheets of card we had created a huge picture of a poppy.

By Ellie and Imogen

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