School Farm and Country Fair

On Thursday 25th April 2019, Year 3 and 4 went to the School Farm and Country Fair at Trinity Park. We have written this with some of the children who went on the trip.

When we arrived we couldn’t wait to get out of the bus because we were so excited and full of energy. First we visited the coastguard stand. Chloe said, “I learnt a lot from them including that if the flag is red then it is not safe to go out to sea, if the flag is orange then it is too windy to go out and if the flag is black and white then there are people surfing so be careful.”

After that, we climbed on some cars and inflatable boats and of course we were NOT expecting that but it was really fun. Then something really exciting happened – the air ambulance started coming down in the middle of the field and we all got to have a look in it!

Next we went to see the woodcarvers who were working on some projects. Kaison said, “They make cricket bats out of willow trees. We didn’t get to see them but I bet they were really cool!” An awesome fact we learnt is that 70% of the cricket bats that are used around the world are made in England. We also learnt to tell how old a tree is by looking at the rings and markings on them.

Then we went into a big tent with lots of exciting stalls: honey tasting, birds of prey, Sutton Hoo and The Wild Meat Company. Then we saw a MASSIVE model Viking ship and there were people dressed up as Vikings. After that we went on a tractor and trailer ride. It was lots of fun seeing everything while we went around.

Next we went to an arena and watched a shepherd with his sheepdog rounding up some sheep into a pen. We were all tired so were happy when our teacher said it was lunch time!

After that we learned about modern farming and how to lay the seeds with the machines and it was really quite interesting. We also learned about fertiliser and livestock.

Finally we went into a big barn and we got to see lots of animals and their babies. We got to hold some baby ducklings and chicks and they were so cute! We also saw: Beagle puppies, lambs, piglets, calves, kids (baby goats not us), Shire horses and alpacas. Before we left we got to try some delicious sausages!

By Imogen and Ellie


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