Reception and Key Stage 1 Nativity Play

On Monday 9th December, Reception and Key Stage 1 put on a stunning performance of “A Midwife Crisis”. It was extremely entertaining and they all did very well. Lilly in Year 1 was incredibly brave and sang a wonderful solo. Austeja in Year 2 did brilliantly as the midwife (the main character) along with Steve the donkey (played by Oliver in Year 1) who also did wonderfully well.

The play was about Jesus being born and a midwife with her donkey trying to get to him to help. They asked many people where he was, and it turned out he was not being born in a palace, he was being born in a stable! In the end, when she arrived she discovered that she had already missed the birth, and she realised that Jesus didn’t need her, she needed him. They all did very well and put on a very good performance. The parents who came to watch it loved it, and so did the children who watched the dress rehearsal in assembly on Friday. Overall it was an amazingly funny version of the nativity, and we would love to see it again.

The teachers said, “Everyone put so much effort into it and it really paid off.” The children in the play said that they really enjoyed performing on stage (some for the first time). Darcy (who was in the audience) said, “It was an awesome play and I really liked it. It was definitely worth my time.”

Austeja said, “I enjoyed it a lot, even though I was a bit nervous at the start.” Lots of children said their favourite bit was when Steve the donkey found his cousin Nigel, and together they went: “Steve!”, “Nigel!”.

So, it looks like they all loved doing their play, and we’re glad they did.

By Lauren, Millie and Billy

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