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Hi readers, we are sad to say this is our last report… we had a great time writing the reports and we wish it could last longer but we have to move on and we are taking the next big step to high school. We are both so excited but also sad to leave a school that we have been at for seven years, and a school that we have made all our memories at. We will remember these memories throughout all of our lives. It is such a special place and we thank everyone who has helped us through this amazing journey.

My (Imogen’s) favourite memory has got to be the time when years 5 and 6 went to a hockey competition and Mr Patterson put the radio on and there were some songs on and the whole bus was singing and it was fun and funny at the same time. My (Ellie’s) favourite memory is when we performed a play called ‘Time Lord’. Everyone enjoyed it so much and I think it was the best play I have ever participated in, especially as all my friends were in it!

We have finally come to an end and it is time to say the real goodbye. We are all so sad to leave, but ready to spread our wings and fly to the next stage of our lives. I am sure we will still be doing things around Hollesley, and getting involved with fairs and shows, but it is ta ta for now!

By Ellie and Imogen

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