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For an afternoon each week for the past few weeks, year 5/6 have been visited by OneLife Suffolk. OneLife is an organisation which has been set up to help people to live healthier lives.

On the first week we were told by our teacher that we were going to have a visitor, but we didn’t know who it was going to be! When they got here they wanted to get to know us and how much we know about our bodies. We were split into groups to draw a body and all the important things inside it such as: the heart, the lungs and the stomach! After we did that our OneLife teacher let us show our drawings to the class and explain about one of the important body parts we had drawn.

The following week we learnt about different foods and drinks that were healthy and unhealthy. First we went into the hall and our OneLife teacher set out a large pie chart that was called ‘The Eat Well Guide’. It had different sections of all the food groups such as: fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy! We were then set into groups of four and were given a card with a picture of some food on it. We then had to run and drop it onto the correct food group. Then the teacher told us whether we had put the cards in the correct group and she explained about all of the different food groups.

The most recent time OneLife came in, they explained about unhealthy foods that you shouldn’t eat too much of, and how much sugar you should have in a day. If you are 4-6 years of age you should have no more than the equivalent of 5 sugar cubes a day, if you are 7-10 years you should have no more than 6 sugar cubes a day and if you are 11 and upwards you should have no more than 7 sugar cubes a day! We looked at different foods and drinks and found out how much sugar was in them.

Over all the OneLife experience has been very fun and interesting so far, and we can’t wait to find out what is next in store for us!

By Ellie and Imogen


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