Landguard Fort Trip

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As well as taking part in the Peninsula Poppy Project, Year 5 and 6 are also learning about World War 1 in more detail as our topic for this half term. On 13th September year five and six went to Landguard Fort. Firstly when we arrived, a tour guide came to introduce himself. After he had introduced himself we set off into the fort. It was absolutely huge. He led us to a room to put our coats and bags in, then we followed him to a look out. It was so amazing, our whole class could see over to the docks. Glory said “I think it was a very pretty view!”

After we looked at the docks we finally walked back to settle down for lunch. Everyone had a lovely lunch and we were very excited to move on to the next activity. Mr Patterson led us down to the beach to watch an enormous container ship coming into the port. When we saw it we were amazed at how big it was and how many containers were on it. Mr Patterson told us to draw a picture of the docks. The whole class did lovely drawings and then we finally went home.

By Ellie and Imogen

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