Inspiring Basketball Tournament

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On Monday 5th February 2019 some students from years 5/6 went to Inspire Sports Centre to play a basketball tournament against several other Suffolk schools.

We all had to go straight from home to the sports centre without going to school first, unless you were one of the people who were being taken to the competition by the school teachers. If you were one of those people then you had to get to school really early for the teachers to then pick you up and be on their way.

When we got there we found out that it wasn’t possible for us to win the competition as we had to have five girls and five boys to be able to win, yet we had 9 boys and 1 girl and that one girl just so happened to be me (Imogen), but we played anyway just for fun and it turned out that I scored a goal and we also won a match!

The first match was not the best and we didn’t score; not even one goal. The second match was a lot better, as during the first half we scored 1 goal and in the next match we scored 7 goals so we were all very pleased about that. Unfortunately, the third match was against a school called Britannia and they are a very big school with very good players so they won, but we all had lots of fun and enjoyed ourselves when we were there. We interviewed a couple of the players to see what they thought about the tournament, Harry said that it was, “…fun…” and that he enjoyed it very much, to which Max added, “It was super cool and very challenging!”

By Imogen and Ellie

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