Hollesley School Litter Pick

On Tuesday and Wednesday before the half term holiday Key Stage Two all went out on a big litter pick.

First of all Year 3 and 4 (Turtles) went out on Tuesday afternoon down to Hollesley recreation ground wearing their yellow high-vis jackets, and with their litter picking sticks and plastic bags to fill up with all the rubbish they could find. Within an hour of looking round the area Turtles found only a small amount of rubbish, but were still very determined to find more.

On Wednesday it was Year 5 and 6 (Otters) turn to do some litter picking. This time they went round the back of the school onto the lane where they found a lot of rubbish such as: spray can bottles, empty water bottles, coke cans and lots more plastics but the most random thing we found was a full jar of pickled onions! Ewan from Year 5 said “it’s a bit weird finding lots of pieces of rubbish in these bushes since we live in such a nice area!”

By Imogen and Ellie


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