Bikeability 2019

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On 23rd and 24th September 2019, year five and a few year sixes did Bike Ability – a course that children can take that helps them with their bike safety on the road.

First of all they had to discuss all the different parts of the bike and how to keep it safe to ride, such as checking if the chain was rusty or if the brakes worked. After that they formed a circle and rode around it on their bikes, each time they went between the blue cones doing whatever the instructors had called out e.g. one hand on the helmet, or pointing to the right. This helped them with indicating practise. This was a little bit tricky, but a vital part of the learning, because, to pass the test, they had to be able to indicate easily and without hesitation. Then they had playtime and a little rest.

Next, they learnt how to look over their shoulders when cycling. This was so they could check for cars, before they got on the bike, during the bike ride, and before and after getting off the bike. After lunch, the people who passed the morning went on the road. They learnt 3 positions on their bikes, including holding, start and stop, and sharing position. They also learnt how to stay safe on the road. Next, they learnt how to do a U-turn: ride down the road a little way then stop, look behind your shoulder then do a U-turn then ride back to the start. Lacey said, “ I enjoyed it a lot, I really liked it, but it was quite nerve racking because I kept slipping on my bike and heard cars behind me but I got back on and just kept on going.” So it looks like they learnt a lot and it really helped them to stay safe on the road. All of them said they would do it again if they could.

By Lauren and Billy


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