2019 New Year

Children's Reports

Wow! It is a new term and a new year for our school and we are really excited to see what is in store for us this year! Some of us have been making New Year’s resolutions in assemblies and in our own classes. Do you have a New Year’s resolution?

Woodland trust

Hollesley School has been kindly donated some trees and hedges by the Woodland Trust to plant in our school field to further improve our environment. Since we have been given our new trees we have been taking good care of each and every one of them. Each class has planted some trees, and gardening club have planted lots! The trees are getting on very well and are soon going to look beautiful in our school field. We are hoping to make our school even more environmentally friendly and a happy place for young minds to use their imagination.

The New Bike Shed

Our school is currently raising money towards a new bike shed which we will have for students who cycle to school to store their bikes in. We are hopefully going to do lots more cake sales, competitions and other events to raise money towards the bike shed! The Friends committee are helping us by holding some fundraising events. We have raised quite a lot of money so far but still need a bit more so any suggestions for fundraising ideas would be appreciated. These fundraising ideas are partly thought of and discussed by the school council. We also have a suggestion box for any ideas from other children for the school council to discuss.


We hope you had a very happy Christmas and Happy New Year from us both!

By Ellie and Imogen

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